Project Leads

Carolyn Jones's picture

Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration and Director, PhD in Policy Studies, Ryerson University

Carolyn’s expertise is in the areas of Canadian and US comparative environmental policy; water policy; Great Lakes governance; intergovernmental relations; and policy capacity. Carolyn is the lead researcher on the Great Lakes case. 

Debora Van Nijnatten's picture

Professor of Political Science and North American Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University; associate faculty with the Balsillie School of International Affairs. 

Debora's research and publications have focused on transboundary environmental governance in North America, at the cross-border regional, bilateral (Canada-US and US-Mexico) and continental levels. Projects have focused on the operation of “transgovernmental” networks in the continental context and transboundary climate-clean energy cooperation in North America. Debora is the lead investigator on the Rio Grande case. 


Current Research Assistants

Michelle Brake's picture

Michelle Brake is a Master's student at Wilfrid Laurier University studying in the Applied Politics program; her primary interest is water policy and transboundary water governance. She is working towards the completion of her major research project which seeks to assess through the development and application of indicators stakeholder engagement in cooperative management of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Basin. Her undergraduate degree is in Political Science and Legal Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University as well, and she currently holds the position of Head Instructional...

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Michelle Woodhouse completed her Honors Bachelors of Arts at the University of Toronto with a double major in Environmental Geography and Environmental Studies, and a minor in Geographic Information Systems. She is currently a first year Masters student at Ryerson University in the Environmental Applied Science and Management graduate program. Michelle has a strong interest in water issues, and she is passionate about stakeholder and indigenous engagement in water governance in the Great Lakes basin. She is currently an intern for the US Consulate General Toronto Water...

Research Associates

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Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, Pennsylvania

Dr. Chris Borick has research expertise in the areas of public policy, public opinion and environmental policy research.

Kathryn Friedman's picture

Director of Law and Policy Research, Associate Professor of Law and Policy, University at Buffalo Regional Institute, SUNY

Dr. Kathryn Friedman has expertise in international law;  transboundary environmental policy networks; policy and governance of Lake Ontario.

Dustin Garrick's picture

Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow; Co-Director, Smith School Water Programme and Co-Convener, Oxford Water Network.

Dustin Garrick’s research focuses at the interface of water and the economy, specializing in institutional analysis of water allocation and governance in responses to climate change, urbanization and sustainable development challenges. Dustin is a collaborator on the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo case. 

Christopher Gore's picture

Associate Professor, Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

Dr. Chris Gore has expertise is in the areas of comparative environmental policy, local government, climate change policy; and environment and energy governance in Canada and Africa.

Noah Hall's picture

Associate Professor of Law, Wayne State University, Michigan

Dr. Noah Hall is an expert in law related to the Great Lakes.  He brings research expertise in the areas of environmental law; administrative law; water law; and Great Lakes law.

Timothy Heinmiller's picture

Associate Professor, Department of Politics, Brock University

Dr. Tim Heinmiller brings expertise in comparative water policy; transboundary water policy; water allocations; and water policy networks. His research has focused on the Great Lakes, Alberta and Australia. 

Jenny Kehl's picture

School of Freshwater Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Jenny Kehl is former Director of the Centre for Water Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Jenny has expertise in water security, water policy, political economy, and transboundary water governance.

Gail Krantzberg's picture

Professor and Director of the Centre for Engineering and Public Policy, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Dr. Gail Krantzberg has both academic and practitioner expertise in Great Lakes governance. Her work focuses on the science-policy interface in environmental policy; the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; nearshore governance; and policy implementation challenges in the Great Lakes.

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Professor, Ford School of Public Policy

Dr. Barry Rabe has expertise in the areas of Canada-US environmental policy; transboundary environmental policy; subnational environmental policy; climate change policy; and public opinion research.

Mark Sproule-Jones's picture

Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, McMaster University

Dr. Mark Sproule-Jones has extensive expertise related to environmental policy; water policy; Great Lakes governance and local government. Mark is retired but still actively doing peer review related to Great Lakes governance.

Marcia Valiante's picture

Professor of Law, University of Windsor

Dr. Marcia Valiante has research expertise in the areas of Canadian environmental law and policy, Canada-U.S. environmental relations with a focus on the Great Lakes, water law, and citizen access to environmental decision-making.